Cleaning out your Closet

Hello everyone!

Not gonna lie, whenever I see the title of this post I think of that song by eminem and sing ‘… and tonight, I’m cleaning out my closet’ like an idiot!

So, recently, I DID clean out my closet, which was harder than I could have imagined. I could be a professional hoarder when it comes to clothes, which makes being able to be a professional shopper so much worse! It’s made even worse by the fact that it’s only been 6 months since I last cleaned it out and got rid of over half of what I owned. This time, I went in with a plan, and completely attacked my closet and thought I’d share the tips I found useful!



Do it at the end of each season! It helps you work out what you wore that season and clear out space for the the next seasons clothes! That way, you don’t have sundresses taking up space that can be used for coats


I don’t know about you but I HATE cleaning my closet because it normally means I part with some (or heaps) of my things so I like to take any excuse to procrastinate, whether it’s running errands, sending emails, talking on the phone and even doing other cleaning jobs so make sure you have a clear 2-5 hours of time to do it with no distractions/excuses.


I find it so much easier to part with something if someone else is telling me too! An honest person to help is good, because they can tell you whether or not something actually looks good on you, can tell you things like ‘I’ve known you for 10 years and never seen you wear that’ and when to stop being sentimental about certain outfits (No you shouldn’t keep that dress you’ve only worn it once just because that one time you wore it you met that cute guy you never spoke to again).


Take all your clothes, shoes and accessories and put them on your bed (that way you’re gonna have to clear it to go to bed). This helps visualise everything you own and stops things getting so confusing. When your closet is COMPLETELY empty, give your closet a wipe out to keep it clean.



I find using washing baskets or big boxes really helpful for this step, as it stops piles from blending together. Don’t have a yes pile just yet. Trust your gut when sorting.

No: Clothes you know at first glance you won’t wear again

MAYBE: Clothes you think/know you wear and clothes that have sentimental value.


Move your maybe pile back onto your bed and go through each item asking yourself the following questions- this is where your friends opinion comes in handy.

a) Is it in good condition? 

b) Does it still fit?

c) Have you worn it in the past two months? Have you EVER worn it?

d) Will you wear it in the next two months? Be honest!

e) Do you still like it? Does it still look good on? Would you buy it today? 

f) Do you own anything similar? Trust me, you don’t need 4 plain black shift dresses or 6 white tees.

If you answer NO to any of those questions, they automatically go in the no pile! It’s hard, yes, but just think about all the space you’re freeing for new clothes! Sentimental items can be trickier but just think about why they’re sentimental and use your friend for advice! Keep something that really means something to you, but get rid of those items that you know deep down don’t matter.


Bye bye 😦

Remember that everything is in this pile for a reason, so don’t second guess your decision. Sort your unwanted items into three piles: Throw, Sell and Giveaway.

Throw: Anything that’s stained, torn and just plain unwearable. If it can be fixed with just a bit of stain remover or by sewing a button on or attaching a new zip, get out your sewing kit, do so and re-sort. THROW ALL OLD UNDERWEAR! Nobody wants those

Sell: Choosing between selling and giving away can be hard so just do what you want to do. I sell anything more expensive, newer, barely (Or never) worn  and still on trend as well as a few less practical items. There’s heaps of websites around that allow you to sell, as well as Facebook groups! You can then use the money to buy new clothes.

Giveaway: Anything you don’t want to sell but is too good to throw out! I typically giveaway anything I’ve repaired and is a bit older or worn a bit more.


When putting everything back in your closet, try and organise it some way! Whether by colour, type of clothing or season, it always helps! If you can, store winter clothes away in containers during summer and visa versa to clear up extra space. Store your shoes on the ground of your closet (Try investing in a shoe rack) to use up the space down there!


In a couple of months, go back to your closet and ask yourself what you and haven’t worn again, because you’ll probably find there is a few things you haven’t gotten rid of that you probably could have!


So now my closet (and hopefully yours) has lots more space that isn’t be taken up by unworn clothing which means I now get to go on a clothes shopping spree (Keep your eye out for an autumn haul)! Seriously, go clean your closet because I can promise there are items in there gathering dust!



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