Making my own lipstick!


Hello Everyone!

How’s it going? If you follow me on Instagram or snapchat (which you should because I’m awesome! I: TeaAndTheRose and S: TeaganRoseN) you will know that I went on holiday to Sydney recently! I did so much shopping while I was down there so there will probably be a haul soon but one of the best things I did was visit the lip lab! The Lip Lab is a really cool place where you get to create custom blended makeup products, including lipsticks! I thought I would talk you through my experience and show you my end result! (I’d also like to apologise about the quality of the photos- some of the better copies went missing and some of them won’t load correctly but I really wanted to write about this)


To start, we decided on the sort of colour I would like- I picked a deep-but-not-too-deep, blue red and picked the base pigments we would use! Naturally, we used a medium red with just a spot of blue and then we got mixing! She added extra pigment as needed to get the right colour, and I tested on my lips as we went to make sure it was exactly what I was after! (It really looks different on)

Next came time to pick a base! You could pick from things like Creamy, Matte and velvet but I’m a matte finish girl at heart so in went that!


Next came the coolest part! You can pick additives to add to your lipstick, like shimmers and scents. I decided against a shimmer but did decide on a scent. They had options like chocolate, peaches, mint, mimosa, and classic vanilla but I fell in love with the carrot cake scent! After she added it, she popped it in the microwave to melt and you could smell it all over the lab and it really smelt like someone was baking! And the smell does show up when you wear it.

Setting time! I got to pick which shape I liked, between a regular lipstick shape and an all edges one before she set it in a mould. It was quite cool to watch it set before my eyes!

The lady doing mine then had what I’d consider a tough job of pulling it out of the mould and into the lipstick packaging (apparently she has broken a few before)


Something I loved was that I got to pick the name! I chose ‘Girl Almighty’ because it’s the name of one of my favourite songs but also because red seems like such a powerful colour and I felt it needed a name that suited that!


And then I was done and owned my own custom blended lipstick! They also do lip glosses, foundations and concealers, which I will definitely be checking out next time!  You can’t use the lipstick for 24 hours after wards otherwise you risk breaking it but after that, use at your will!

That’s a photo of me wearing the lipstick while half dead after being up since 4am and spending 8 hours on flights and in airports just to get home.

Keep your eyes out for a haul or two coming up and in the mean time check out my social media (up above!!) for regular selfies, ootds and baked goods!

-TeaAndTheRose xx


11 thoughts on “Making my own lipstick!”

      1. I think something like that should take a while though! Because it’s custom made for you, so you don’t want to get it home and realise you hate it🙈xo


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