Akarnae- The Medoran Chronicles (Book Report)

Hi everyone!

I’m trying something different out on the blog today! Instead of reviewing makeup or beauty products, I’m going to be reviewing a book. I love to read, it’s probably my favourite thing to do, so I figured why not share that with you. Keep in mind, I’m not someone who has any sort of professional link to editing or anything (actually, English was my worst subject in school) so this is simply what I thought of the book!

I recently did a huge book order but had to spend a little extra to get free shipping so I went through and picked a random book to make up the price. I ended up buying Akarnae by Lynette Noni, who is an Australian Author. The book is part of a series, the Medoran Chronicles, which is not yet complete. I actually put off reading it because it wasn’t something I orginally wanted. However, I’m so thankful for needing to spend that extra $10 as Akarnae was one of the best books I’ve ever read.


Akarnae follows Alex as she learns to navigate a new world, new races and, hardest of all, a new school. She steps through a doorway (trust me, you’ll never guess where it came from) and it’s all very Narnia like. She meets Bear and Jordan, her new BFFs but not before meeting her new enemy. Her new friends take her to their school (think Hogwarts but modern- no parchment and quills here!) to get her help to get home, but like always, that doesn’t work out as planned. Her only way home has gone into hiding for 5 months so she has no choice but to join the boys at Akarnae, a school for the gifted. Her roommate hates her (for no apparent reason) and because her classes are both physically and mentally demanding she becomes great friends with the School doctor. On top of that, there’s a library that’s ALIVE and a powerful, immortal being that’s stalking her.


However cliche it all sounds, it’s like nothing I’ve read before, or maybe it’s a mix of everything I’ve read before, either way. it works! The story has twists and turns, some of which are predictable and others that aren’t, all of which make complete sense in hindsight, with many secret clues hidden throughout the book (they may not come through for you until later on in the series though). There’s attention to detail, which many authors seem to look over these days, and nothing seems feels out of place or like a cop out. Everything is written for a reason.

My absolute favourite part of the book are the friendships Alex develops. It’s so refreshing to read about a group of close friends, who love and support one another- no matter what- and have them not fall in love! Also, the teachers all support the students (no bullies here- I’m looking at you, Snape!) and the whole school environment is amazing.

As for the Characters, they’re relatable but interesting. Alex actually questions the fact that she travelled to a new world and takes a while to accept that it did in fact happen. She doesn’t immediately excel at classes, or anything, which is realistic. She’s not actively trying to being a hero but her courage, loyalty and sheer bad luck cause her to accidentally become one. Jordan, one of Alex’s best friends, has a rough relationship with his family, which he struggles with, but doesn’t let that affect his relationship with his friends (or his food) or his general outlook on life. Bear (wait til you find out his actual name!) is the brains of the group, kind of, and like Jordan, is friendly and warm and everything Alex needs in a friend. However, unlike Jordan, his family life is a happy one and you get to meet them!

There are other characters of course, like Darrius (who isn’t as he seems) and Fletcher (the doctor who Alex sees a lot more than she should), and the oh-so-lovely D.C, Alex’s roommate who seems to hate her but she may have her reasons for pushing people away. And, of course there’s Aven, who always seems to show up when least expected.

You will fall in love with them all.

After finishing Akarnae, I was so desperate to read the next books in the series that I purchased the Ebooks because I didn’t want to wait for the physical copies to be delievered. Akarnae is followed by Raelia, draekora and Graevale, as well as other part/s yet to be released (I HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE YEAR AND I’M DYING). I’ve read what’s currently available, so if you’d like a review of them, let me know! I know this is a lot different to anything else I’ve written on here, so yay if you read this!

And trust me, go read Akarnae!

Halfway through taking photos of the book, my cat decided he wanted in on the action!

-TeaAndTheRose .xx

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