Hello everyone!

MECCA MAX IS HERE! For those of you who don’t know, mecca max is a new beauty range by Australian beauty store, mecca maxima, and with products ranging from $5-$45 it’s super affordable! The range is huge so I did just pick a few things to try (I don’t live near a store so I couldn’t test before buying)

Pout pop lipstick

I picked this up in the shade ‘hey lover’ which is a gorgeous bright pink! It’s super pigmented (this is two swipes with nothing underneath) and lasts a while without bleeding. It doesn’t feel heavy or thick which is always good. The packaging is super cool (click the end and the lid pops up) but I will say that it makes the product look bigger than it is.

City slicker lip oil

This is supposed to be a tinted lip oil but I think it’s a bit too pigmented and a bit too thick to really be classed that way, it’s more of a moisturising, oil based gloss. That being said I do really like it! It feels really nice and it’s not sticky but also isn’t so oily that it feels like it’s sliding all over my face so the thickness works. This only comes in 3 colours (this one is nude) so I’m going to collect them all!

Oh my Matte primer and Bring on bright primer

The oh my Matte is the full size, and since I promised to be honest… I hated it. I honestly regret ordering it. It’s so tacky that it feels like I might as well have rubbed honey on my face (except honey would have more benefits). It didn’t reduce pores like promised and when I applied my foundation it made it go so patchy and kind of seperate it so 10/10 would NOT recommend!

The bring on the bright was a deluxe sample that mecca sent and oh my god it’s amazing, the next thing I order will be this primer! The glow it gives is amazing and it really can be used as a primer, mixed in with your foundation for extra glow or even as a liquid highlight, and again, a little is a lot!

Life proof concealer

I picked this up in the shade porcelain which ended up being perfect for me! It’s a doe foot applicator which I love for concealer (I have a habit of over doing it when I have to manually poor out the contents) and the formula is thick enough to cover without feeling heavy. The coverage is great, and I think it would make a great contouring concealer (I’ll have to pick up some more shades!). I will say that a primer is needed otherwise it does crease over time but I typically use one anyway so that’s no issue for me!

I’m honestly so happy with the products, even without including how great the prices are! There were a few things, like the lip oil being a bit too thick to really be a lip oil, the packaging of the lipstick being a bit misleading and I really would have loved if the products were made here in Australia rather than in Taiwan that could have been improved but for a first collection it’s really good and I’m looking forward to trying more!

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